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Fire Tower

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Smoke rises on the horizon. Protect your fire tower from a rapidly spreading forest fire. Dispatch smokejumpers and fire engines to combat the blaze, and construct firebreaks to fortify your tower.

But there is a twist! In Fire Tower, you also take on the role of nature. Harness the power of the wind and the flames to push the blaze towards your opponents and take down their towers.

Fire Tower is a pattern building and hand management game that takes five minutes to learn and 15-30 minutes to play. Each card has a unique pattern with its own tactical advantage. You must skillfully deploy the resources in your hand to claim victory.

Fire Tower incorporates an intuitive play structure that takes minutes to learn and seconds to set up. Each card has simple graphics to clue you into the rules, saving new players from having to constantly refer to the rule book. Although the core mechanics are easy to grasp, an ever-shifting environment forces players to switch up their tactics and experiment with varied strategies, making Fire Tower a difficult game to master and each play-through a fresh experience.

  • 135 Fire Gems in Printed Cloth Bag
  • Quad-Fold Board
  • 24 Purple Wooden Firebreak Tokens
  • Custom Marbleized Eight-Sided Wind Die
  • Weather Vane Card
  • 1 Custom Flame Meeple
  • 60 Bridge Cards
  • 3 Tower Ablaze/Forest Cards
  • Rule Book